What Is Al-Kimia?

Al-Kimia is a setting that - on the surface - is very much like our world. However, every human being is born affiliated with one element, and if/when they encounter a trauma that changes their life, the powers associated with their element unlock in order to defend themselves. As such, humans with these powers tend to be the marginalized, the downtrodden, the tired and angry.

These humans exist alongside - often unknowingly - the world of fae, gods, monsters, and myth. All stories are true, although some make themselves truer than others. The Seelie and Unseelie Court of European folklore dominate, forcing fae from other cultures to align with them or be labeled 'Wandering Fae' and therefore anarchist and dangerous. The courts are both as like and unlike each other as possible, and both are incredibly dangerous to humans.

The Al-Kimia shared verse is a place for all kinds of stories, but mainly stories about diverse and powerful humans existing in a terrifying and magnificent universe. Participants are welcome to be as imaginative they like, and to explore the possibilities of this setting.