Ghosts in Quicksilver is an ongoing webnovel and the keynote work for Alkimia. Written by Elliott Dunstan, it chronicles the adventures of Jamal Kaye as she discovers what it means to be a Salt elemental and butts heads with an incredibly powerful, long-lived Mercury.

Ghosts in Quicksilver is primarily posted on WordPress[1], and can also be read at Archive of our Own.


Jamal Kaye, working as a private investigator helped by the ghost of her younger sister, is thrown into a world of elementals and magic when she's contacted to find a woman named Miss Chaudbury's missing husband. She very quickly gets in over her head and into contact with other Celestial elementals - Avery Lavolier and Willow Moray, both Sulfurs and mind readers, for a start.


Connections with Other Works

  • Avery first appears in 'Katabasis', a short story initially published in 'Corvus'.
  • Isaiah and Robin first appear in Little Homes.